Renovating a hotel is a big challenge. While most of the work is mainly about technical issues, the setup is about more than static calculations and processes.
The creation of a harmonious and atmospheric whole is the goal of every interior designer, to give everything the right touch, to find the right style. It's about creating an atmosphere, creating an atmosphere that arouses positive emotions and feelings in every guest,
envelops him like a symphony, the melody of which lingers in him for a long time.

That is why we chose the LEBENSRAUM HOME INTERIORS team in Lana with the owner Edith Kapferer and her niece Johanna Kapferer, both interior design experts.

  • Because the two of them, like no one else, understood and absorbed our wishes and ideas, which we actually couldn't put into words
  • Because they were able to breathe life into them and take corrective action at the same time
  • Because they designed a merging whole from the various rooms and put the right flair on everything like a haute couture dress.

In our eyes this is more than just furnishing, it is art. Art with a heart.