Conditions for cancellation: 

  • 30 days before arrival, no cancellation fee applies (we will charge only the allowance of € 30,00 for the adaptation);
  • From 29 to 7 days before arrival, we will charge only 3 days.
  • 7 to 1 days before arrival, we will charge the full amount of your stay.
  • In case of early departure or late arrival, we will also charge the full amount of the stay.

Our cancellation policy: 

  • What happens if something should come in-between your holiday and you are not able to start your holiday as planned? With our insurance you will be able to ensure that no further costs occur. Our cancellation policy can be booked when you book your room or within three days after your room booking has been confirmed. For only € 3 per day for adults and € 2 per day for children you can be insured directly with us. 
  • What is a valid case for our cancellation policy insurance? 
  • Serious accident or unexpected illness of the insured person, his/her spouse, kids, parents, parents-in-law. 
  • Death of a person within the above mentioned circle and/or siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, children-in-law of one of the insured persons. 
  • Significant damage to property of an insured person at their place of residence due to fire, weather conditions, or through the illegal deed of a third party, in which case it is absolutely necessary to stay at home. 
  • Unexpected redundancy of an insured person by their employer or for self-employed people an unexpected bankruptcy or winding up order. 

What can you do if something unforeseen happens? 

  • Inform us as quickly as possible in written form about the reasons why you cannot start your holiday. 
  • Please send us a medical certificate or confirmation of the above reason (please see policy). 
  • We also need a confirmation from either a medical doctor or police, as applicable. 

For what period is the insurance policy valid? 

  • It begins after payment of the relevant amount into our bank account and ends with the booked date of departure. 
  • When you take out this cancellation insurance (after receipt of the relevant amount in our bank account), you are no longer liable for cancellation fees. If you cancel your room bookings, we will withhold €30 as processing costs, which will be deducted from the deposit. 

What is not covered by the cancellation insurance? 

  • Illness or accidents for which you are being treated or were treated within the last six months before taking out the insurance. 
  • If an insurance case was foreseeable by the insured person before taking out the insurance or if the insured person brought the matter on wilfully or through gross neglect 
  • If the hotel cancels the booking for whatever reason.
  • In the case of early departure